Tempura Mix
lightly battered tiger shrimp and vegetables with dipping sauce

pan-fried japanese pork dumplings with a chili-vinegar sauce

Shrimp Tempura
6 piece lightly battered tiger shrimp with dipping sauce

Vegetable Tempura
assorted lightly battered vegetables with dipping sauce

Egg Rolls
filled with ground pork and diced vegetables, fried until crisp

fried tofu with scallion and daikon served over tempura sauce

Fried Calamari
crispy fried calamari served with spicy mayo

Soft Shell Crab
large soft shell crab served with tangy ponzu sauce

Seafood Mix Fry
assorted fried fish breaded with panko, served with Worcestershire sauce

sautéed fish & vegetables baked in a spicy dynamite sauce

Green Mussels
green mussels baked in our special dynamite sauce topped with masago eggs

skewered charbroiled chicken with teriyaki sauce

3 piece half-shell oysters with ponzu sauce

Monkfish Liver Pate
gently poached monkfish liver with ponzu sauce

Miso Soup
hearty miso soup with seaweed, scallions and tofu

boiled green soybeans with salt

steamed white japanese sticky rice